Pluralsight – Designing in SketchUp Workspace Setup and Optimization

Pluralsight – Designing in SketchUp: Workspace Setup and Optimization
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Category: Tutorial

If you are currently working in the construction field, chances are that you have already seen SketchUp being used as a robust presentation tool. In this course, Designing in SketchUp: Workspace Setup and Optimization, you’ll learn the fundamentals of using SketchUp as a complete design solution for drafting construction plans, designing, and presenting your projects. [Read more…]

Lynda – SketchUp The Ultimate Man-Cave or She-Shed Design

Lynda – SketchUp: The Ultimate Man-Cave or She-Shed Design
English | Size: 427.9MB

We all want a room to call our own. Personal structures like man caves and she sheds give you a hideaway from life stresses. Do you want a light and airy garden structure to curl up with a good book or to enjoy conversation with a friend, or would a lounge with a minibar where you can watch the game while working on your motorcycle be your idea of a good time? SketchUp, “the easiest, most fun, entirely free 3D drawing tool in the world,” is the perfect program to design your unique space. Join Scott Onstott in this course, as he shows how to model an existing structure like a garage and transform it into a personal sanctuary with SketchUp’s intuitive 3D toolset. Discover how to model walls, doors, windows, furniture, and even a private bathroom, and finesse your design with lighting and shading. [Read more…]

Lynda.Com – Google SketchUp Pro Tools And Techniques-iRONiSO

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Category: Tutorial

Google SketchUp Pro: Tools and Techniques shows professional users of Google’s popular 3D modeling software how to create compelling 3D graphics.Author George Maestri focuses on the features available in Pro that make SketchUp a valuable design tool. He demonstrates the new Dynamic Components and shows how using them can add interactivity to a model. He teaches how to create custom Dynamic Components from models, which is a feature unique to Pro. He also explores SketchUp Pro’s companion application, LayOut, a presentation tool that retains the editability of models even when they’re embedded in documents. Last but not least,George shows how to export and import objects to and from other programs, such as AutoCAD and 3ds Max. Exercise files accompany this course.
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Udemy – SketchUp BootCamp Creating Interiors with SketchUp

Udemy – SketchUp BootCamp: Creating Interiors with SketchUp
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Category: Tutorial

Do you need to add some digital modeling skills to your toolbag of design tools but are concerned about the time and expense of mastering a program? SketchUp has a low learning curve but produces incredible results. It’s easy enough that they teach it in elementary schools, but powerful enough to be utilized by most architecture and design firms. I focus on teaching the most efficient way to use SketchUp and the most important tools for you to quickly add SketchUp to your workflow for designing and presenting interiors to your clients.or for your own home. [Read more…]

Digital Tutors – Customizing SketchUp Models with Styles and Style Builder

Digital Tutors – Customizing SketchUp Models with Styles and Style Builder
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Category: Tutorial

In this SketchUp tutorial you?ll learn how to create unique, custom styles for models using and Styles and Style Builder.

We?ll begin by working with the predefined styles available to us in SketchUp. We?ll learn how to access the styles, edit the styles and even mix and match predefined styles so that we can achieve the look and feel we desire.
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