English | Size: 275 MB
Category: Tutorial

MOTION EFFECTS � Collection of 6 motion graphic effects ( some used in a promo video ) that can be easily edited,
modified to your creative needs.
TEXT TRANSITIONS � Collection of Blow Ups, Transformation, Transitions,Fire Transitions, Fire/Smoke Transitions,
CardsTransitions, ParticleTransitions, LinesTransitions, FlaresTransitions

TEXTURES � Six Royalty Free Hi-Res textures

VIDEO EFFECTS � Collection of video frames and video placeholder effects



VideoHive Christmas Pack

VideoHive Christmas Pack
English | Size: 601 MB
Category: Tutorial

6 VideoHive Christmas AFX Projects
1 .Christmas Festive Fun
2. Corporate Christmas Tree
3. Merry Christmas
4. Merry Christmas
5. Merry Christmas Snow Overlay
6. Happy New Year [Read more…]

Handy Seamless Transitions Pack & Script AEP JSXBIN VideoHive

Handy Seamless Transitions Pack & Script AEP JSXBIN VideoHive
English | Size: 640.1MB
Category: Tutorial

– Over 300 dynamic transitions
– HST Script v.1.0 by Kogoduos is included (running in CC.2014 and above)
– After Effects CS5 or above
– 4K Resolution (Resizable)
– Without mediahodlers (adjustment layers system)
[Read more…]

Microsoft academy Trainer pack [FR]

Microsoft academy Trainer pack [FR]
English | Size: 120.01 MB
Category: Microsoft | Networking

This pack countains trainer files from Microsoft Academy ( French only but i have these files in English if you want) :
22410B – Installation et configuration windows server 2012
22411B – Administration de windows server
22412B – Configuration de services avancés de windows server 2012
22413B – Conception et implementation d’une infrastructure serveur
22414B – Implementation d’une infrastructure serveur avancé
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Linux Automated Training 2016 Pack |

Linux Automated Training 2016 Pack |
English | Size:15.37 GB

Anonymize Logs
Locate target logs for processing
Identify sensitive data
Write script to anonymize sensitive data
Work with Logs and Scripts in anonymized mode [Read more…]

iStockphoto Third Vector Illustrations Pack-sBt

English | Size: 221 MB
Category: Assets

These are vector illustrations in different formats. You can rasterize them into any resolution in Photoshop. To edit them you need Adome Illustrator or Macromedia
Freehand. Vector images scale to any size. [Read more…]

iStockphoto Second Vector Illustrations Pack-sBt

iStockphoto Second Vector Illustrations Pack-sBt
English | Size: 213 MB

Explore vector graphics and stock illustrations
Elevate your ideas with our amazing illustrations, vector images, graphics and clipart
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GoRails Pack Summer 2016-Diabolik

GoRails Pack Summer 2016-Diabolik
English | Size: 2.34 GB (2,510,486,390 bytes)
Category: Misc E-Learning

May 5 20:58 117-sentiment-analysis-with-the-sentimental-gem.mp4
May 10 18:58 118-reposting-retweeting-reblogging.mp4
May 17 20:50 119-improving-query-performance-with-database-indexes.mp4
May 13 20:23 120-.mp4
Jun 2 17:22 121-.mp4
Jun 7 19:39 122-message-templates.mp4
Jun 13 17:17 123-wrapping-business-logic-with-plain-old-ruby-objecets.mp4
Jun 13 00:57 124-improving-in-app-notifications.mp4
Jun 28 22:13 125-.mp4
Jun 28 22:22 126-how-actioncable-uses-redis.mp4
Jun 28 22:26 127-solving-fizzbuzz-in-ruby.mp4
Jul 2 20:38 128-disabling-actioncable-for-unauthenticated-users.mp4 [Read more…]

Renderking Vray Texture Pack v3.01 UPDATE

Renderking Vray Texture Pack v3.01 UPDATE
English | Size: 983.3MB
Category: Assets

Renderking Vrayforc4d new material pack (released 4/16). 150 materials total.

Cinema4d and Vray only.

The file itself from renderking’s site was in rar format, so I haven’t changed anything. I know we don’t like zip/rar files on this site, but I felt it would be best just to keep this as I received after purchasing.
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The E-books of Engineering Mechanics Pack

The E-books of Engineering Mechanics Pack
English | Size: 1.05 GB (1,123,491,372 bytes)
Category: e-Books

Mechanics is a branch of the physical sciences and the practical application of mechanics. Applied mechanics describes the response of bodies (solids and fluids) or systems of bodies to external forces. Some examples of mechanical systems include the flow of a liquid under pressure, the fracture of a solid from an applied force, or the vibration of an ear in response to sound. A practitioner of the discipline is known as a mechanician. [Read more…]