Discovery Channel – Ebola Inside the Deadly Outbreak

Discovery Channel – Ebola: Inside the Deadly Outbreak
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The worst outbreak of the Ebola virus in history continues to spread in west Africa, with the death toll from the epidemic topping 11,000. This documentary gives a comprehensive look into the history, containment, and medical implications of this highly infectious disease. ABC News’ chief medical editor and former acting director of the CDC, Dr. Richard Besser, leads viewers throughout the hour and explores whether this outbreak can happen in the U.S., among other subjects. [Read more…]

Scourge Outbreak PROPER

Scourge Outbreak PROPER
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The year is 2026 and the world is ruled from the shadows by the power-hungry Nogari Corporation, the creators of a powerful new energy source called ‘Ambrosia’. Unknown to the world’s population, Ambrosia is the product of research conducted on a mysterious meteorite fragment in Nogari’s possession; something which they will do anything to protect. Only one organisation dares to defy and challenge Nogari Corporation: The Tarn Initiative – an anonymous group of anti-corporate saboteurs intent on revealing the truth behind Ambrosia and breaking Nogari’s iron grip on the world.
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