– Todd Dewett – Mentoring Others – Todd Dewett – Mentoring Others
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When it’s done right, mentoring helps people take positive steps forward in their careers-which also helps develop the talent pool in an organization. In this short course, author Todd Dewett shows you simple steps to become a mentor who works with others to achieve more in their professional lives. He explains the difference between coaching and mentoring, and provides simple techniques for becoming an effective mentor. [Read more…] – PHP Advanced Topics – PHP Advanced Topics
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Implement namespaces, extend interfaces, create your first Trait, dive into object-oriented programming, and discover versatile scripting methods with this course. Web developer Justin Yost takes you into the advanced parts of the PHP server-side language, including abstract classes, iterators, generators, and password hashing. He provides an overview of each topic, takes you through how to code each item for the first time, and then shows you how to expand further. [Read more…]

Lynda com – On Getting Published-QUASAR

Lynda com – On Getting Published-QUASAR
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Publishing high-profile design books offers the opportunity for up-and-coming designers to level the playing field with established design firms. co-founder Lynda Weinman asked business coach and professional mentor Peleg Top to join her in the studio to share this method of raising a designer’s visibility by contributing to elegantly presented publications. [Read more…] NOTE-TAKING FOR BUSINESS NOTE-TAKING FOR BUSINESS
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Learn to take better and faster notes in business settings. Effective note-taking is a core skill that professionals at all levels can improve upon-and this course will show you how. It explains how to decide when to take linear vs. visual notes, how to effectively listen, how to document action plans, and how to effectively write meeting minutes. [Read more…] – Windows Server 2016 Active Directory Enterprise Infrastructure – Windows Server 2016 Active Directory Enterprise Infrastructure
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This course shows how to administer Active Directory services in an enterprise environment. Follow along with Ed Liberman as he shows how to deploy child/tree domains, establish trust relationships, set up forest trusts, and create Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) sites and subnets. [Read more…] – VMware vSphere Configure Advanced High Availability Features – VMware vSphere Configure Advanced High Availability Features
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Being able to keep a vSphere virtual environment running is critical. vSphere’s High Availability utility allows for high uptime and rapid recovery of failed hosts. This course provides an overview of what it takes to configure advanced vSphere High Availability features to keep your virtual network up and running. Join Russell Long as he explains the basics of clusters and the causes of cluster failures, and explains how to configure HA clusters to perform their best. Find out how to use heartbeats to monitor hosts and how to define failover capacities with admission control. Plus, learn HA best practices for networking, interoperability, and cluster monitoring. [Read more…] – Office 365 Implement Networking And Security – Office 365 Implement Networking And Security
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Learn the essentials of networking and security for an Office 365 subscription, as outlined in the corresponding domain of Microsoft Exam 70-346, Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements. Brian Culp breaks down the techniques into four sections. First, learn how to configure DNS records for Office 365 services. [Read more…]

Outlook 2016: Advanced Tips and Tricks – ELOHiM | Lynda com

Outlook 2016: Advanced Tips and Tricks – ELOHiM | Lynda com
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Get tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts that will increase your efficiency with Outlook 2016. Gini von Courter shares over 65 power shortcuts to save time, increase productivity, and help you stay organized—whether you’re sending emails or managing your task list. [Read more…] – Learn AngularJS 2 The Basics – Learn AngularJS 2: The Basics
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In these tutorials, Ray Villalobos shows you how to start using AngularJS 2 in your own projects. He starts by defining what exactly Angular 2 is and how it differs from AngularJS 1. Then, once the basics are out of the way, he sets up the template that will drive the project and starts coding. Ray shows how to divide your project into modules, work with events, style content with CSS, and create components and subcomponents. Plus, find out how to change content dynamically using data pipes. [Read more…] – Ethical Hacking Mobile Devices and Platforms – Ethical Hacking: Mobile Devices and Platforms
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Mobile devices are used for our most sensitive transactions, including email, banking, and social media. But they have a unique set of vulnerabilities, which hackers are all too willing to exploit. Security professionals need to know how to close the gaps and protect devices, data, and users from attacks. Join author Malcolm Shore, as he explores the two dominant mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, and shows ways to protect devices through analysis and testing. Watch this course to review the basics of mobile OS models, the toolsets you need for testing, and the techniques for detecting and preventing the majority of security flaws.
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