The Revelation Effect (Mentalism) [7 MP4]

The Revelation Effect (Mentalism) [7 MP4]
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Learn The SAME Technique That Almost Started A Cult And Convinced People Of REAL Powers
That You Can Do to ANYONE, ANYWHERE at ANYTIME! (Works 100% Of The Time)

Know The Exact NAME or WORD Someone Is Thinking Of
… WITHOUT them showing you or saying a single thing!
Imagine being able to ask someone to think of someone in their life they’re close to… someone you couldn’t possibly know… YET within a moment you are able to correctly name that EXACT person.

Welcome to Revelation!
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Ryan Magin – The Halo Effect [7 mp4]

Ryan Magin – The Halo Effect [7 mp4]
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The halo effect is a cognitive bias in which an observer’s overall impression of a person, company, brand, or product influences the observer’s feelings and thoughts about that entity’s character or properties. It was named in reference for the person having “A Halo” or perceived as angel like.

Do you think it is a coincidence that 85% of the Fortune 500 list is comprised of folks that graduated from a fraternity? [Read more…]