Pluralsight – Solve Math Problems With Javascript

Pluralsight – Solve Math Problems With Javascript

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If you’re new to programming and want to learn JavaScript, this course is for you. In Solve Math Problems with JavaScript, you will learn core programming concepts such as variables, iteration, branching, and functions; then apply these skills to build interactive web pages that solve advanced high school level math problems. This project-based course works through nine problems of increasing difficulty, such as calculating factorials, simulating rolling dice, and estimating area under a polynomial curve. Each lesson covers the core math and programming concepts, then works through the solution step-by-step. This course is ideal for people who like math and want to learn programming or web development. By the end of this course, you will have a basic understanding of programming in Java and you’ll have the skills needed to move onto learning more complex programming topics.

Solve Math Problems with JavaScript
By Terry Toy

In this beginner course, you will learn JavaScript and build dynamic web pages that solve advanced high school math problems. This course is a great starting point for those new to programming or web development.

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Course Overview1m 3s
Course Introduction12m 33s
Introduction to JavaScript1h 0m
Problem 1: Calculate the Factorial of a Number12m 50s
Problem 2: Use Random Numbers to Simulate Rolling Dice15m 1s
Problem 3: Temperature Conversion Table14m 55s
Problem 4: Plotting XY Coordinates for Polynomial21m 45s
Problem 5: Estimating Square Root12m 11s
Problem 6: Intersection Between Two Lines17m 36s
Problem 7: Factors of a Number9m 3s
Problem 8: Prime Numbers14m 51s
Problem 9: Area Under the Curve21m 45s
Course Summary6m 23s

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