Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course (2012) [Cooking Show, 20 MKV, ENG, HDTVRip, 720p]

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course (2012) [Cooking Show, 20 MKV, ENG, HDTVRip, 720p]
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The show’s concept is to demonstrate skills to the viewer to improve their skills as home cooks. The meals demonstrated by chef Gordon Ramsay are meant to represent a hundred core recipes. The first series of 20 episodes airs at 5 pm on Channel 4 in the UK. Along with Hugh’s 3 Good Things, and Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course was one of three new daytime cookery shows announced by the channel.

S01E01 – Getting started
In the first episode Gordon teaches how to cook with confidence. Recipes include delicious pork chops with sweet and sour peppers, and pan-fried scallops with crunchy apple salad, and Gordon shares a tip for keeping your knives sharp.

– Pork chops with peppers,
– Pan-fried scallops with crunchy apple salad,
– Chicken & chicory in marsala sauce,
– Sea bream with tomato & herb salsa,
– Stuffed roast chicken

Cooking tips:
– Keeping knives sharp,
– Stop chopping board rocking,
– Using vegetable peeler,
– Using pepper mill,
– Peeling garlic

S01E02 – Keeping It Simple
Gordon teaches how to keep it simple. Recipes include chilli beef lettuce wraps, and miso-poached salmon, and there’s a guide to buying perfect fish.

– Chilli beef lettuce wraps
– Easy fragrant fried rice
– Garlic & saffron mayonnaise
– Mussels with celery & chilli
– Miso salmon

Cooking tips:
– Chopping onion
– Pan temperature
– Tidy cooking area
– Adding salt to egg
– Putting meat in room temperature before cooking

S01E03 – Cooking with Chilli
Gordon shows how to cook with chilli. Recipes include red mullet with sweet chilli sauce, classic jerk chicken, and a super simple spicy beef salad.

– Red mullet with sweet chilli sauce
– Pasta with tomatoes, anchovy & chillies
– Grilled corn with chipotle chilli butter
– Jerk chicken
– Spicy beef salad

Cooking tips:
– Seeding chillies
– Using spare chillies
– Adding chilli to chocolate & fresh fruit
– Getting rid of chilli from finger
– Spicing up beer & cocktail

S01E04 – Cooking with Spice
Gordon’s cookery course continues as he shows how to cook with spices. Recipes include a gutsy slow-cooked fiery lamb, a curry-spiced sweetcorn soup, and a simple but delicious aromatic rice pudding.

– Slow cooked fiery lamb
– Chilli & spice whitebait
– Roasted squash hummus
– Curry spiced sweetcorn soup
– Fragrant spiced rice pudding

Cooking tips:
– Zesting a lemon
– Finely chopping garlic
– Peeling a ginger
– Leftover vanilla pods
– Leftover spices

S01E05 – Food on a buget
Gordon shows how to make dream food on a budget. Recipes include sausage rice, roasted mackerel with garlic and paprika, and unforgettable lamb with fried bread.

– Lamb with fried bread
– Roasted mackerel with garlic & paprika
– Pork & prawn balls in aromatic broth
– Easy arancini
– Spicy sausage rice

Cooking tips:
– Cooking rice
– Leftover rice for stir fry
– Stopping potatoes, apples & avocadoes from turning brown
– Keeping herbs fresh
– Infusing oil with herbs

S01E06 – More Food on a Budget
Gordon’s cookery course continues as he shows how to cook more delicious food on a budget. Recipes include leek and gruyere rosti with fried eggs, a delicious apple crumble, and seriously impressive homemade

– Home made gnocchi
– Spicy black beans with feta & avocado
– Leek & Gruyère rösti with fried eggs
– Chickpea, cumin & spinach koftas with tahini dressing
– Apple crumble

Cooking tips:
– Cooking pasta
– Making breadcrumbs from leftover bread
– Cooking chickpeas & lentils
– Boiling potatoes
– Leftover potatoes

S01E07 – Stress-Free Cooking

S01E08 – Making It Easy

S01E09 – Real Fast Food
Gordon shows how to make real fast food. Recipes include smoky pork sliders with homemade BBQ sauce, chicken stir-fry with rice noodles, and a fast noodle soup.

– Chicken stir fry with rice noodles
– Noodle soup with poached eggs & spring onions
– Stir-fried pork noodles
– Noodles with chilli, ginger & lemongrass
– Smokey pork sliders with BBQ sauce

Cooking tips:
– Jointing a chicken
– Preventing skewers from burning
– No-fuss marinating
– Lime & lemon juice for marinade
– Lemon juice for cooking rice

S01E10 – Street Food Classic
Gordon demonstrates some home-cooked street food classics. Recipes include beef tacos with wasabi mayo, and flavour-packed chilli dogs, and there’s a shopping guide to help you buy the finest chocolate.

– Beef tacos with wasabi mayo
– Spiced chicken wrap
– Chilli dogs
– Vietnamese style baguette with beef
– Malt chocolate doughnuts

Cooking tips:
– Cooking steak rare/medium/well done
– Scoring meat & fish
– Stain-free tupperware
– Making chilli sherry
– Planting chilli peppers

S01E11 – Baking
Gordon turns his focus to home baking. Recipes include his flavour-packed olive, tomato and rosemary focaccia, quick flatbreads with lemon, thyme and ricotta and a spectacular sponge with fresh ginger.

– Olive tomato & rosemary focaccia
– Simple soda bread
– Quick flatbreads with lemon thyme & ricotta
– Mozzarella & rosemary pizza
– Sponge with fresh ginger

Cooking tips:
– Whipping cream
– Room-temperature cream for whipping
– Preventing milk & cream from boiling over
– Measuring treacle & golden syrup
– Greasing cake tins

S01E12 – Better Baking
Gordon shows how to achieve better baking results. Recipes include a simple leek and pancetta quiche, a stylish baked cheesecake and indulgent chocolate tarts.

– Leek & pancetta quiche
– Indulgent chocolate tarts
– Beef empanadas
– Easy chicken pastilla
– Baked cheesecake

Cooking tips:
– Rolling pastry
– Neat edge on tarts & quiches
– Testing pastry doneness
– Blind-baking without baking beans
– Folding egg white in

S01E13 – Ultimate Slow Cooking

S01E14 – Slow Cooked Favourites
Gordon demonstrates more of his slow cooked favourites. Recipes include delicious slow braised stuffed lamb breasts and his ultra-tender slow roasted pork belly with fennel. Gordon also shares tips on buying the best cuts of meat for slow cooking.

– Slow braised stuffed lamb breast
– Easy bollito misto
– Slow-cooked aubergine
– Perfect slow-cooked beef
– Slow roasted pork belly with fennel

Cooking tips:
– Making chicken stock
– Seasoning meat & flour
– Browning meat
– Slow roasting meat
– Removing baked-on residue from pans

S01E15 – Brunches
Gordon shows how to cook brunch. Recipes include spicy pancakes, a simple frittata, and a fool-proof cheat’s souffle with three cheeses.

– Frittata
– North African eggs
– Cheat’s soufflé with 3 cheeses
– Prawns & feta omelette
– Spicy pancakes

Cooking tips:
– Chopping red bell peppers
– Testing freshness of eggs
– Fishing out egg shell
– Frying eggs
– Toasting bagels

S01E16 – More Brunches
Gordon shows how to make more outstanding brunches, from the perfect steak sandwich to succulent crab and mascarpone crepes and homemade crumpets

– Steak sandwiches
– Blueberry & ricotta pancakes with yoghurt & honey
– Crab & mascarpone crêpes
– Coconut pancakes with mango & lime syrup
– Home made crumpet

Cooking tips:
– Peeling & cutting mango
– Checking pineapple ripeness
– Peeling kiwi
– Ripening fruits
– Making fruit purée

S01E17 – TV Dinners
Gordon shares his perfect TV dinners. Recipes include delicious mushroom and leek pasta and stunning sweetcorn fritters with yoghurt dip. Plus Gordon shares his top tips for buying pasta.

– Mushroom & leek pasta
– Farfalle with ricotta, pancetta & peas
– Tagliatelle with quick sausage meat bolognaise
– Spaghetti with chilli, sardines & oregano
– Sweet corn fritters & yoghurt dip

Cooking tips:
– Cooking chicken breasts
– Parmesan rinds for soup
– Whisking cold butter before serving soup
– Crispy skinned baked potato
– Peeling pan-roasted nuts

S01E18 – Simple Suppers
Gordon turns his focus to deliciously simple suppers. Recipes include spicy tuna fishcakes and an incredible griddled pineapple with spiced caramel.

– Spicy tuna fishcakes
– Flatbreads with fennel & feta
– Bruschetta with garlic, tomatoes, capers & pecorino
– Cannellini bean crostini with anchovy & olive
– Griddled pineapple with spiced caramel

Cooking tips:
– Chopping herbs
– Leftover herbs
– Preparing asparagus
– Soft-boiling eggs
– Making salad dressings

S01E19 – Special Occasions
Gordon shows how to cook for special occasions. Recipes include stuffed lamb with spinach and pine nuts, Vietnamese-style fresh prawn rolls and a sumptuous whole sea bass stuffed with fennel, lemon and capers.

– Stuffed lamb with spinach & pine nuts
– Chicken with garlic & chestnut stuffing
– Sea bass with fennel, lemon & capers
– Pork stuffed with manchego & membrillo
– Fresh prawn rolls

Cooking tips:
– Preparing prawns
– Serving & fillet a fish
– Carving a whole ham
– Roasting pork with crispy skin
– Chilling wine in 6 minutes

S01E20 – Special Salads & Fabulous Fruits
Gordon teaches more recipes for fabulous food for special occasions, including a flavour-packed green papaya salad, a simple but celebratory chopped salad and Gordon’s spectacular raspberry millefeuille.

– Green papaya salad
– Chopped salad
– Green bean salad with mustard dressing
– Roasted red pepper, lentil & herb salad
– Raspberry mille-feuille

Cooking tips:
– Preparing scallops
– Skinning tomatoes
– Seeding pomegranates
– Adding ice cream or lemon mascarpone to fruit
– Leftover pastry

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