Sketching Manga Style Vol 1-5 [ebook 5(pdf)]

Sketching Manga Style Vol 1-5 [ebook 5(pdf)]
English | Size: 360.88 MB
Category: Graphic & 3D Design

These books are no longer in print and the series has been canceled.
Sketching Manga-style Vol. 1 – Sketching to Plan (February 2007)
This volume offers a brand-new “sketching to plan” tin can crammed full of sketching fundamentals for you to use when creating your own manga, as well as suggestions and ideas to help your artwork improve. This book is a brilliantly condensed can of artwork, jam-packed with a wide range of styles, ranging from renditions that are realistic without being slavishly naturalistic to stylized “abstracted” and “exaggerated” renditions.
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